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Music Wordle

Last week we had a bit of a cleaning frenzy in the office and decided to put up some new posters.  A new addition to the wall is an Osmosoft Music Wordle -- an infographic showing the top 100 artists listened to on the Osmosoft stereo.

In a not-so-scientific way I took an export of LastFM scrobble data from myself, Colm Britton and combined with a cut of data I already had for Paul Downey, I'm not sure why I had that data but in a cyber-stalkerish way it was already on my hard drive.  Between us we tend to control the music played in the office.

I merged the play counts together and stuck the data into wordle.net, did some custom configuration to get the colours on Osmosoft brand and this is the result!



Seven Myths of Open Source

At the moment at Osmosoft we're running an open source awareness campaign. Whilst its focus is to an internal audience the messages are just as applicable outside. As a part of the campaign we're creating a bunch of posters that will be placed around various BT buildings.

One of the posters that I've put together highlights some of the main misconceptions around open source. Clearly this doesn't pick up on everything (and it's certainly no uber doodle), but hopefully it will provide some thought and discussion.

The Seven Myths of Open Source
The Seven Myths of Open Source

The photo is published under Creative Commons so please feel free to use, share and better the poster!