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Rökkurró: Sólin mun skína & Sjónarspil

This time last year I'd not heard of Rökkurró, however since seeing them play live in London last year I've given them a fair number of listens and they've held a fairly consistent place on both my iPod and our office jukebox.

The album, Í Annan Heim, is Rökkurró's 2nd offering and I find it to be the perfect accompaniment for wandering around town or those mornings when you can afford to take a more leisurely journey into work.

Singing in her native tongue Hildur Kristín Stefánsdóttir is accompanied by a complex and often eerie arrangement of cello, piano, guitar and drums.  It's difficult to place their music into a particular genre, however the band have described themselves as a mix of indie, post-rock with classical influences.  That's got be worth a listen, right?

If you like the sound of Rökkurró then they happen to be playing in London tomorrow (April 13th) at the Brixton Windmill – you should definitely check them out.

Sjónarspil by vas_bxl.