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Apollo Ghosts: Things You Go Through

Apollo GhostsOn a warm sunny day in London there's nothing better than a bit of jangling pop to accompany you.  Well, actually that's not true. There are lots of much better things and jangling pop normally isn't for me.  But this morning as I wandered through St James's Park on the way to the office Apollo Ghosts, Things You Go Through seemed pretty much perfect listening.

Apollo Ghosts are a Vancouver based band with Adrian Teacher on vocals and guitar, Jason Oliver on bass and the awesomely named Amanda Panda on drums.  With Vancouver better known for producing punk and hardcore bands the quirky, indie pop of Apollo Ghosts is an alternative fresh sound.

Things You Go Through is taken from their 2010 album, Mount Benson.

Apollo Ghosts: Things You Go Through

If you like what you hear you can support Apollo Ghost by buying their album from their bandcamp page.