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Time for a new challenge!

Having had around 6 months break from "proper" work I'm pretty excited to be approaching my last week of taking time out before joining the Money Advice Service as Technical Business Analyst.

The Money Advice Service is a government initiative with the goal of helping people make the most of their money through providing free, unbiased and independent advice. You can get advice over the phone, face to face, or online – my focus will be on the latter.

I'll be a part of the online team working closely with other areas of the organisation and users of the site to help build an understanding of how we can provide the best possible digital service through a variety of online tools and content.

The team is newly formed (I think the longest serving person has been there around 6 months) so it'll be an exciting time to join. In the conversations I've had so far there's been a whole bunch of things that really appealed, the ambition to work as much in the open as possible being particularly exciting.

When I left Osmosoft and BT I wasn't entirely clear on what I wanted to do, but there were some things that I felt were important to me – I wanted to work closely with a development team where I was actively involved in helping to build great things; I wanted to work on something that was useful to me personally as well as friends, family and those around me; and I wanted to be involved in a culture where the focus was on shipping quickly, learning and iterating. Everything so far points to the Money Advice Service ticking those boxes and more!

Hopefully over the coming months I'll be able to write a bit about the things we're doing. In the meantime if anyone's about London over the next week and wants to hang out, please shout!

Oh, and I wanted to say thank you to Thayer for introducing me to the folk at the Money Advice Service. If anyone's thinking about a new role then definitely take a look see if there's anything on Thayer's list that might suit you!

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