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Russian Circles - Harper Lewis

Over the past couple of weeks there's an album that I've been listening to a lot - Station by Russian Circles. It's not particularly new, it was released on Suicide Squeeze Records in 2008, but seeing them play live at ULU a few weeks ago rekindled my excitement for them.

An instrumental, three piece band Russian Circles fall into many genres, perhaps most notably post-punk and mathcore – this evident through their past and present associations with bands such as Botch, These Arms Are Snakes, Dakota/Dakota and Mouth Of The Architect.

For me Russian Circles are one of those bands who's music is undoubtedly better live than recorded. That said all of their records are worthy of a listen and make a strong addition to any collection.

Picking a single stand-out track is difficult, but at a push I've gone for the rather epic Harper Lewis - at a little over seven minutes long it gives you a taste of what to expect from the band - a heavy bassline, and a complex use of effects and loop pedals.

You should give Russian Circles a listen, but before doing so make sure you've the volume and bass turned up (you'll appreciate it at around 2:28-2:40 onwards!).

Harper Lewis by Russian Circles

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