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Rosettas for Japan, a latte art throwdown

This evening Notes Music Coffee held a charity Latte Art Throw Down in aid of the Japanese Red Cross Society.  Over the course of the evening some of London's top barista's went head to head producing a wonderful array of hearts, swans and rosettas all looking far too good to be drunk.

In a hotly contested competition there was a strong sense of pride at stake amongst the clearly close knit London coffee elite.  However, of the course of 4 rounds Sang Ho Park (aka KoreanBarista) held his nerve and demonstrated flawless technique and was duly award the top prize.

It was an excellent evening hosted by Fabio Ferreira and Robert Robinson raising in excess of £500.  I throughly enjoyed being there and look forward to the next event.

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Sounds like a delicious event. Great job to whom created such a lighthearted charity event for Japan.

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